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Build'st thou on Wealth? Its wings are ever spread
    Its dazzled votaries to elude and foil!
On Science? Lo! the lofty sage hath fled,
    Like the pale lamp that lit his midnight toil,
    Forgotten as the flower that deck'd the vernal soil.

Build'st thou on Love? The trusting heart it cheers
    While youth and hope entwine their garlands gay,
Yet hath it still an heritage of tears:
    Build'st thou on Fame? The dancing meteor's ray
    Glides not on swifter wing, to deeper night away.

Why, on such sands, thy spirit's temple rear?
    How shall its base the wrecking billows shun?
Go, seek th' Eternal Rock, with humble fear,
    And on the tablet of each setting sun,
    Grave with a diamond pen some deed of duty done.

Young, art thou? then the words of Wisdom weigh
    Mature! the gathering ills of life beware.
Aged? Oh, make His changeless arm thy stay,
    Who saves the weakest suppliant from despair,
    And bids the darken'd tomb a robe of glory wear.