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THE evening moon was bright and fair,
The dews of Spring had chill'd the air;
And as I pac'd the gloomy shade,
The dark rock hanging o'er my head,
I thought a mournful spirit said,
                                       Adieu! Adieu!

And sad, my heart with echoing tone
Sigh'd back again the closing moan;
The hour, by fate's dark curtain hid,
Comes gliding on, the shades amid,
When I, to all I love must bid,
                                       Adieu! Adieu!

Ye, who have strove to lead my youth,
In ways of wisdom, ways of truth,
Have sooth'd my heart, or charm'd my ear,
Companions sacred, friends sincere,
Instructors, parents, guardians dear,
                                       Adieu! Adieu!

Ye scenes in nature's hues array'd,
The glowing dawn, the twilight shade,
The dews of morning, blaze of noon,

Ye sparkling stars, and pale-fac'd moon,
And fount of light resplendent sun,
                                       Adieu! Adieu!

I journey to a blissful spot,
Where your fair light is needed not;
And through the vale of deathful gloom,
And through the darkness of the tomb,
I hasten to a better home,
                                       Adieu! Adieu!